Safe Place

Individuals who struggle with same-sex attraction, as well as their families, often face feelings of fear, guilt, depression, loneliness, confusion, and much more. SafePlace exists to provide these individuals and families with comfort, encouragement, and help in restoring their direction and giving them hope for the future. 

For Individuals

In Matthew 11:28, Jesus invites all who are struggling under heavy burdens to come to him, lay down their weights, and find rest in Him. We can only find peace and victory in this life through the work and person of Jesus Christ. At SafePlace, those who are struggling with the burden of same-sex attraction can find a confidential community to come alongside others who are walking the same path, share their burdens, and find freedom, power, and strength that only Jesus can provide. Whether you have been active in the homosexual lifestyle or are enduring the struggle of same-sex attraction, there is a place for you in Safe Place.

For Family Members

For families of those who are living in homosexuality or struggling with same-sex attraction, it can be difficult to know how to love them well and minister to them. Safe Place provides a community of people who have experienced this same struggle and who seek to encourage one another through prayer and Christian fellowship. Whether it is a child or another family member, Safe Place provides a community that wants to help restore your hope.

Connect With Us

If you would like to connect with people who can come alongside you in your journey, use the form below to get in contact with us. Your information will be kept confidential within the SafePlace ministry.

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