If you havent been to the renewed library, come check us out in Room C111.  


History of the Travis Library 

Early in March of 1954 Dr. Naylor, the Sr. Pastor of Travis, asked Maurine Eickhoff and Maurine Henderson to be a committee of two to get a Travis library started.  By October 6, Maurine Eickhoff and Maurine Henderson had succeeded in collecting 163 books and a bookshelf, and the house at 3038 Travis Avenue was chosen as the site for the new library.

All they lacked was a librarian. Naylor said, "Well, which one of you wants to be the librarian?" Eickhoff refused, explaining that teaching school just simply took every minute of her time. Mrs. Henderson protested that she certainly couldn't possibly be the librarian because she knew nothing about it. "Just settle it between yourselves," Naylor replied, and walked away without turning around. Mrs. Henderson called after him, "Well, I'll take it just until you find somebody, if you promise to hunt someone right away."  Apparently Naylor didn't hunt too hard, because Maurine Henderson was still the librarian thirty years later.

The library opened on Sunday morning, October 20, 1954, at 9:00 o'clock. The lending hours were thirty minutes before and thirty minutes after each of the regular services of the church, and from one to four on Tuesday afternoons.

 The library was moved across the street, later, to the basement of Building A, and eventually to the area opposite the church offices in Building C to permit easier access to Travis members.

A large container of brightly-colored jelly beans strategically located on the check-out counter has assisted many a boy and girl on their way to, or from, Sunday school and choir to drop by and see Mrs. Henderson, and leave, not only with a piece of candy, but with a book she just casually mentioned that they might enjoy. During the years she certainly "learned" how to be a librarian.

By 1982, a new helper arrived in the Library, to assist Mrs. Henderson.  Mrs. Cornelia Pim, who was a librarian for the Fort Worth Public Library, started volunteering to help in the library.  When Mrs. Henderson retired in 1984, Cornelia carried on the tradition of ministering to the Travis congregation through books. 

In 1986, the Travis Library moved across the street to a newly renovated Safeway store that the church purchased to use as an educational and fellowship center, known to many as the South Complex or South Education Building.  The library was front and center in that building and flourished under Mrs. Pim’s watchful eye.

1n 2011, the South Complex was sold to Walmart and the library again moved back to building C.  This time however, the original library location had been rearranged by new construction so the library was moved to Room C111 at the East end of the first floor. Mrs. Pim retired in 2017 from the library.  Mrs. Judy Smith took over the lead role as the church librarian. 

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