Statement on Abuse

With the recent news reports of sexual abuse in churches around the country, the Elders felt it would be appropriate to release a statement on our church's position and policies on abuse. Our church takes this issue very seriously so please carefully read the statement.

Travis Avenue Baptist Church

Statement on Abuse

In following the teachings of Jesus we have the highest regard for sexual integrity, justice for victims, and protection of children and the most vulnerable. TABC elders and staff take extremely seriously any abuse, violence, or mistreatment that happens to children, teenagers, or adults in the church or in society. Over the past 25 years, TABC leadership has actively put in place procedures to provide safety to children and teenagers and has helped many victims of violence and abuse through its counseling ministry and other ministry channels. TABC will continue to monitor its policies and procedures to make sure they are reflective of best practices for providing a safe and loving environment for children and youth ministries. Additionally, TABC will continue to provide help to those who have been victimized by violence and abuse, working as diligently as possible to make the church a safe place for those wounded by any form of mistreatment.

Any persons needing to speak to a counselor concerning incidences of abuse may do so by email at

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