Flood Update

Our preschoolers and young adults moved back into their classrooms two months to the day after the June 24 flood! We are so grateful for so many who have prayed, volunteered, and given sacrificially so this could happen. Their space in the Children’s Ministry Center and Lower Sanctuary is now clean, attractive, and updated.

Our challenge now is to finish paying for the flood recovery. Over $262,000 has been given, with total expenses of $386,000 for all clean-up and construction. Thus, an additional $124,000 is needed as soon as possible! We continue to pursue recovery of this cost, as well as steps to prevent future flooding. 

Our ongoing ministries budget is also being stretched in the month of August. An additional $153,000 is needed by this Sunday, August 31, to reach our budget goal.

Will you please pray about these financial needs for our church? Will you give as God leads, and trust Him to provide for everything you and your family needs, as well as our church family?