Flood Update

Last Sunday, we moved all the Preschoolers back to their rooms in the CMC, and Legacy and Senior Adults back to the West Building! Thank you for your help as volunteers, in your giving, praying, and flexibility!

Young Adult 1 and 2 will be back in the Lower Sanctuary this Sunday, August 24.

The Student Ministry will continue to meet in the Student Center. College will continue to meet in the Orchestra Room until September 7 at which time they will move to Dutch’s Hamburgers on University for SMBS. Jerry Payne’s class will continue to meet in the Choir Room until September 7, also.

Thank you for your patience during the restoration process. Will you please join us in praying about the Flood Recovery financial need? The total cost is $400,000, with over $250,000 given. Please pray and give as God leads and provides.

Pictures and Videos of the flood damage




WFAA News Coverage