Flood Update

Sunday, July 6 - Room Assignments

Due to the flooding the following groups have been affected. 
Please note the new room assignments:

Sr. Adult 2 (Stilson’s Dept) - All classes meet in W-106.

Sr. Adult 1 (Layton’s Dept) - West Building Great Room, Rooms W103 & W105 (opening assembly in Great Room as usual, Morgan class and Irwin class in W-103, Sparrow class and Wilson class in W-105.)

Legacy Adult 2 (Palmer’s dept) - B-110.
B-110 - department assembly, Roger Campbell class
B-113 - Carol Hedgpeth class
B-114 - Paul Blevins class

All Other LA/SA no change.


Young Adult 1

C-350 - Gautier
C-300 - Hargis
C-310 - Jones

Young Adult 2

C-320 - Isom
C-330 - Gregory/Harless/Mitchell
C-340 - Snyder

C-360 - Gathering area with coffee and donuts.


The Music Fellowship Class (Jerry Payne’s class) is relocating to the choir room, from the orchestra room.

College Department is relocating to the orchestra room, from the Student Center.

Students (Grades 7-11) are relocating to the Student Center, from 3rd floor C Building.


Parents of Preschoolers and Kindergarteners please check in at the Control desk in the Preschool area for your children’s room assignments. 

Pictures and Videos of the flood damage




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