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Travis Avenue Baptist Church Missions Ministry


We strive to help the people of Travis Avenue engage in God’s life-giving mission to the world. Through prayer, generous giving and short-term mission trips, we provide multiple opportunities for our members to join God in making passionate followers of Jesus Christ around the globe. For more information about our missions and evangelism ministry, please email .


Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations,

baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,

teaching them to observe all that I (Jesus) have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, to the end of the age.

Matthew 28:19-20 


2014 Mission Trips:

Trip: Mission to Arizona

Group: Adult/ Open

Location: Maricopa, Arizona

Dates: October 2014

Cost: $800

Purpose: To partner with Waypoint Church to reach the town of Maricopa with the Gospel.

Participants will help with the planning, promotion and hosting of a community outreach party to reach the neighborhood surrounding Waypoint.


Interest meeting: March 2, 2014



Trip: Mission to Cambodia

Group: Adult/Open

Location: Cambodia

Dates: June 2014

Cost: $2,500

Purpose: To work with RDI to demonstrate God’s love through various water, health and education programs, opening the door to ongoing evangelism efforts.

Participants will be involved in construction projects, minor wound-care, prayer-walking, and various educational opportunities.


Interest meeting: January 12, 2014


Trip: Mission to Slovenia

Group: Adult/ Open

Location: Bovec, Slovenia

Dates: October 2014

Cost: Pending

Purpose: To partner with IMB personnel to share Christ with residents in villages throughout the Soca River Valley.

Participants will cycle cross-country from village to village, distributing literature, engaging in evangelistic conversation, and praying for the advancement of Christ’s work in each town and village.


Interest meeting: January 26, 2014


Trip: Mission to Romania

Group: Adult/ Open

Location: Cluj Napoca, Romania

Dates: July 25- August  3

Cost: $2,200

Purpose: To partner with Mission in Action to put on an evangelistic sports camp for teenagers from across Romania.

Participants will be involved in sports activities, games, leading students in personal Bible study and discipleship, and evangelistic conversations.


Interest meeting: April 6, 2014


Trip: Mission to New Mexico

Group: Legacy and Senior Adults

Location: Gallup, NM and the Navajo Reservation

Dates: April 3-12, 2014

Cost: $725 

Purpose: To work with Tohatchi Baptist Church, reaching out to the surrounding community to strengthen the church and share the Good News with the native peoples


Interest meeting: Sunday, February 16, 2014

luncheon 12:00-1:30 pm


Trip: Mission to Fort Worth

Group: 5th & 6th Grade Leaders in Training (LIT)

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Dates: June 8 – 13

Cost: No Cost to the LIT members

Purpose: Provide a Backyard Bible Club for a local apartment


Parent meeting: May 2014


Trip: Mission to Canada

Group: 9th – 12th Grade Students

Location:  Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Dates: July 2014

Cost: $1,700

Purpose: To partner with Next Worldwide to work with Vertical Church, a NAMB church plant in the suburb of Cochrane.



Trip: Mission to New Mexico

Group: 7th & 8th Grade Students

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Dates: June 28 - July 2nd

Cost: $300

Purpose: Students will serve the community through choir concerts and volunteer work at local shelters and the food bank.



Trip: Mission to India

Group: College Students

Location: India

Dates: May 12-19, 2014

Cost: $2,000

Purpose: Help lead a youth evangelism camp whose focus is to teach and share the gospel with all of those who attend.  The camp typically averages over 100 in attendance and the average age of the participants range from 17-25.  Each participant is selected to attend the camp for the purpose of developing them as church leaders.  Our team will assist in teaching them basic doctrine and lead out in small groups while attempting to encourage them in their walk with Christ. 



Trip: Mission to Florida, Beach Reach 2014

Group: College Students

Location: Panama City Beach, Florida

Dates: March 7-15, 2014

Cost: $430

Purpose: Beach Reach is a mission trip where servant evangelism takes the form of free van rides and pancakes. Thousands visit Panama City during Spring Break and many are hurting and searching for meaning.

College students provide simple acts of service that open the door to life-changing conversations about the hope and love of Jesus Christ.


Stay Informed!

We are excited about the possibility to offer additional Mission Trips in 2014 to places like Guatemala, Lebanon and Ames, Oklahoma.

Watch Twitter and Facebook for announcements on new trips as they are confirmed, and throughout the year for updates on our teams as they are out in the field.


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Sharing Your Story

One of the most important evangelistic tools you have is your personal story of how and why you accepted Christ. Even people that are resistant to full-fledged evangelism will be interested to hear your faith story.

Here are a couple of tips to remember in order to effectively share your story. First, keep it simple. Your story should have only three points: You should be able to tell this story in 30-45 seconds.

1) How you realized your need,

2) How you realized Christ was the answer for your need,

3) How you have grown since. Cut out anything extra. 


The second tip is this: remove all “Christianese” and churchy jargon from your story. Phrases like “I walked the aisle when I was 15” or even “I was washed in the blood” mean absolutely nothing to someone who has never been to a church! The goal is that your story can be understood by someone who is unfamiliar with the Christian faith.

Finally, the best way to become more effective at sharing your story is simply to practice. Grab a piece of paper and practice writing out your salvation story. Then ask a trusted friend to listen to your story and offer advice on how you can make it more understandable.

Hearing your story could make an eternal difference in someone’s life!

Wings Scholarship Fund

The Wings Scholarship Fund was created to provide supplemental financial support for Travis Avenue Baptist Church members who participate on short-term mission trips. The fund is supported entirely by donation, and it is managed by the TABC Missions Committee. Since its development six years ago, the Wings Fund has distributed over $115,000, enabling Travis members to serve the Lord on mission in places like India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Canada, Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, Haiti, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Missouri, Florida, Louisiana and Texas.

Your contribution of any amount will serve as “Wings” to send volunteers of all ages to reach the world with the life-changing message of Christ.  To contribute, make out your check to Travis Avenue Baptist Church, with “Wings” in the memo line.