Harvest Day


Harvest Day 2013 UPDATE Report:

We prayed for and publicized a goal of $300,000 for Harvest Day, which would enable us to catch up on our ministries budget and apply some to our Lasting Legacy building fund. God has answered and blessed in an incredible way! The total gifts on Harvest Day were more than $500,000! Of this total, $125,000 was for budget, $75,000 was designated for Lasting Legacy, and over $300,000 was designated for Harvest Day Offering. Our Finance Committee will allocate the Harvest Day Offering where needed most.

We rejoice and thank the Lord for His faithfulness, and thank you, the Travis family, for your generous giving! To God be the glory!

Harvest Day at Travis Avenue Baptist Church is an annual tradition began in the 1960’s as a way to express thanksgiving to our Lord for His abundant provisions. It has continued on the first Sunday of November for more than fifty years. The Harvest Day offering has traditionally been used to catch-up on our ongoing ministries budget, and to fund a current projects.

Harvest Day 2013 was historic and unique, because it also marked the opening of our new West Building, for which we have planned, prayed, and given for over three years. This wonderful new facility replaces most of the functions of our South Complex, which was sold to Walmart in 2011. It is a multi-function building that has education space for senior and legacy adults, fellowship, and food service for all ages. The new music suite includes choir and orchestra rehearsal rooms, music library, and all music ministry offices. Two elevators, large restrooms, and other amenities will support ministries to our church family and community.