October 15, 2012 “Your Truth … My Truth”

Open your Bibles to Judges 17. The period of the Judges has to be one of the most mysterious times in all of biblical history. After the great leaders Moses and Joshua pass off the scene, there was a period of time before the period of the kings when Israel was led by a succession of leaders known as judges. They were not really judges in the sense that we know them today. They were more like military leaders. Israel struggled during this time to remain faithful to the Lord, as is seen in this story in Judges 17. Read vv.1-5.

Let me just give you a bit of background here. There’s a man named Micah who stole some silver that belonged to his mother, but then returned it because she uttered a curse against the person who had stolen it. She uses a pagan curse and then a spiritual blessing in the name of the Lord. And she consecrated her money to the Lord, then she wanted her money used to make a carved image and a cast idol which was forbidden by God. So the mother has a silversmith melt the silver down and make it into an idol. Then he proceeds to build a shrine in his home and appoints his son as its priest.


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