2018 Bylaws Update

 From Pastor Micheal Dean

The counting of the ballots from this morning's vote is complete. A total of 622 ballots were cast. Motion #1 on the adoption of the new bylaws passed with an 85% approval. Motion #2 on the election of the Transitional Elder Qualifying Council passed with a 77% approval.

I commend our church for the Christ-like manner with which we moved through this arduous process. While members may have differing opinions on the changes we will move forward unified around the mission Jesus has given us to make disciples of all nations.
The adoption of the new system of governance in our church is one of the top priorities to emerge out of Re:Vision, our church's strategic effort to sharpen our vision for the future. It will enable us to become more viable for the Kingdom of God in the years to come.
I am grateful to the Church Governance Study Team and to our Deacon body for facilitating this lengthy process of discerning the will of the Lord for our church.
Please fervently pray for the Transitional Elder Qualifying Team as they lead us through the selection of the first group of Elders. The new bylaws will take effect when the first group of Elders is installed by our church.
Michael D. Dean
Senior Pastor

Bylaws Information

In September, 2016 our church commissioned the Church Governance Study Team (CGST) to review our church's operational and leadership structure, examine various models for church decision-making and propose any appropriate changes to our governing documents. After thorough prayer, Bible study and deliberation the CGST brings the following recommendation to be presented to the church:

"Pursuant to Article VIII of the current Constitution and Bylaws of Travis Avenue Baptist Church, and upon the recommendation of the current Deacon body, the CGST moves to adopt the Proposed Travis Avenue Baptist Church Bylaws and to replace the current Constitution and Bylaws with same."


Church Vote, Sunday, June 10 - In the worship services members will be asked to vote by secret ballot without discussion. Votes will be counted after the worship services and results communicated to the church. Proxy votes will not be accepted.

Official Bylaws Documents as of May 20, 2018

2018 Proposed Bylaws Explanations: Updated May 20, 2018

2018 Proposed Bylaws Glossary: Updated May 20, 2018

2018 Proposed Bylaws Motions: Updated May 20, 2018

2018 Proposed Bylaws and Introduction: Updated May 20, 2018 

Biblical Eldership Summary Article

Biblical Study on Church Governance by CGST


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